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I’ve decided to add a chapter of some type of devotional book to my time with the Lord every day this summer.  I started with Packer (Deep), then Tozer (Passionate), Mason (Joyous), and now this book that I plead with you NOT TO READ – Crazy Love.  This book was written by a guy who has completely lost it and I mean completely.  He goes by the name of Francis Chan but I’m really worried about this one.  This guy has the audacity to believe that among other things:

  • Our relationship with God should be MORE than reading our bibles, attending church, and avoiding big sins
  • That our lives should not be lived for our pleasure but wholeheartedly for the purposes of God and that ultimate pleasure is found there and no where else
  • That we should leave the comforts of our lives to take risk and pursue adventure so that more people would actually hear about this Jesus guy
  • Radical living not for the sake of an adrenaline rush but for the sake of the fame of Christ should be . . . . (wait for it) . . . normative
  • The bible should be read literally (he obviously doesn’t understand that we are in a post-modern and emerging time when silly ideas like this are incongruous with mainline worldviews) and that the key purpose of the bible is to talk about God and not us
  • He believes the size, scope, and complexity of the universe actually points to a creator and not to a cosmic accident, but additionally these facts should make our hearts rise up to worship (who cares if there are 350,000,000,000+ galaxies that we can safely approximate exist)
  • That God could actually be holy, eternal, all-knowing, and all-powerful, fair and just, and that our lives should praise Him moment by moment because of His holiness and worth

I know most of you reading this won’t be tempted to read a book like this much less try to believe or live a life according to these silly ideas.  Let’s just continue to be good people because that’s the main reason that God, if there is one, would let us into heaven.  It would never be something crazy like His love shown to us by creating a universe beyond our comprehension, making us in His image, not destroying us for our selfishness of replacing His value in our lives with stuff and people, then coming to earth to die for the sins of humanity and rising to new life so that one day He would return to make this whole world whole, and doing all of this so that our standing/relationship with Him wouldn’t be based on our actions as miniscule men and women but based on His perfections as almighty God so that He might receive all the glory and honor and we might be left with just delighting in Him and worshipping Him for ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever.

Wait, that sounds like the better option.

You’d better read this book . . .

What do you risk completely giving every aspect of your life to the reality of Christ?

What do you risk if you don’t?

If you read this and it offends you, why does it?
If you read this and agree, then why isn’t your life more offensive?


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