Downtown Denver has been taken over this week with the political pandemonium.  And I’m not just talking about the Democratic National Convention.  I read an article yesterday in the Post on how the protesters had finally become so caustic that they had to be pepper sprayed – twice.  A friend told me that their drive to work is now highlighted with horribly graphic pro-life signs, vulgar pro-homosexual signs, yelling, cussing, and all kinds of insanity.  Gotta love the freedom of speech and ability to demonstrate that we enjoy here in the states.  Especially when you compare that to the violence that was done to Chinese Christians before and during the Olympics.  

But here is my conundrum – why do people who say they know Christ, who by the grace and power of the Gospel of Christ have experienced/are experiencing redemption from their own junk/sin/evil hearts,  have so much venom towards those who believe differently?  And honestly are living in line with what they believe in unbelief.  Because frankly, its a whole heck of a lot easier to be a hate-mongering picketer than it is to invest your life in the lives of those who are far from God.  It’s easier to tell a young woman she is going to hell because she is considering an abortion than it is to engage with her, get to know her, understand her needs/fears/frustrations, and to love her.  It’s easy to bash people whose sexual orientation and preferences don’t line up with yours or for that matter how God perfectly designed us and made clear through His written word.  It’s a lot harder to meet a neighbor/co-worker who is gay where they are in life and on their terms and to give them healthy, Christ centered, unconditional, prayer covered, biblically appropriate homo-emotional love.  I promise you will know and experience the one true living God of the bible in ways that you never dreamed possible if you will only get out of your circle of people who only believe and act the way you believe and act.  You will learn how to die to Christian speak and communicate your beliefs on a level that people can understand, even if they choose not to believe.

This isn’t a rant, it’s understanding the call God has given us to be missionaries, to step out of our comfort, and to reveal to the world the amazing, transforming, healing, eternal, and perfect approval and forgiveness that is knowing and faithfully following Christ.  Christians wonder why no one respects them, why they’ve been ushered out of the public/social square, and why their words continually fall on deaf ears.  To quote a very wise man, E.M. Bounds who was himself not perfect as he lived in a brutal chapter in the history of world racism/slavery, “Men are God’s method. The church is looking for better methods; God is looking for better men.” 

Can I get a witness?